Business Investing & Mentorship Turnaround Specialist

Business owners, are you looking for an infusion of capital into your business? Lenders, do you have a loan that a borrower defaulted on and are looking to clear it off of your balance sheet? If so, we may be able to help. Fill out your information on the Contact page to get started.

We can help you with:

  • Providing an equity infusion/rescue capital to businesses, banks & lenders on defaulted loans.
  • Business operations and loan protection – actively running and managing the business along side the borrower.
  • Receivership/Referee appointments – enforcing the lenders judgment by selling the asset to repay the loan.
  • Asset disposition – divorcing business partners by selling and liquidating assets.
  • CEO Services – Management for sales and operations.
  • Identify and create additional revenue streams for businesses.
  • Trustee of Estates – Assets must exceed $10 million

Depending on the situation, working with us could be a short or long term engagement. Typical billing for services are done on a flat fee where fees are billed prior to the upcoming month’s work. In some cases an hourly billing rate may be possible. All travel related expenses are borne by the client.  

A $70m annual grossing business out of Las Vegas, NV, had three partners that were all fighting over money. This in-turn began to hurt the business in numerous ways: sales, personnel, vendor relationships, and the ability for the business to compete. Two of the partners were sabotaging the third partner’s efforts. All three knew they had to find common ground.  We acted as the sounding board and deciding vote when consensus could not be achieved by the partners making it possible for them to confront and tackle the hard decisions that needed to be made but were not being address due to high emotion and prior baggage. Our efforts have helped stabilize the business and allowed the partners the opportunity to reconcile their differences.