We Invest in Businesses

Despite the best intentions of the owners, sometimes businesses don’t work out. Some of the most successful business people in the world had a business failure in the past. Like you, they have had to handle the stressful situation of paying wages, overheads, and creditors, without enough income to do so.

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It’s not a matter of fault. The economic downturn could negatively affect your business, partnership disputes could arise, or competition has moved in.

The question is- what are you going to do about it?

  • Option 1: Struggle

    Struggle on and hope for better days while your bank balance dwindles, and you lose money hand over fist.

  • Option 2: Go Out of Business

    Sell off your inventory, inform your customers and creditors that you will be shutting down.

  • Option 3: Sell a Portion of Your Equity or Take Out a Loan

    We will infuse capital into your company and provide consultation on how to turn the business around. You stay in the business managing and running operations.

Working Together to Find a Path Forward

• Contact our discrete, friendly, & experienced team.
• Receive a free valuation with no obligation.
• Proceed quickly to infuse capital if a price is agreed upon.  

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A Smart Alternative to Bankruptcy

We believe that when you’ve built up a business, it becomes part of your family and you want the business to grow, ensure the staff, customers and suppliers are looked after. We are NOT a broker or asset striper, we want to partner with you and help grow your business.

We are Not a Broker

We are not a broker and don’t act on behalf of investors. We actively buy companies ourselves that meet our criteria and where we feel we can add value to build on what you’ve already created. 

Finding the Right Deal

There are many ways to structure the right deal. To us, it’s more about finding a deal that works for both parties, both now and in the future. 

Partnering with You

When we buy or invest in a business we’re not looking to “asset strip” it, instead, we want to work with the existing team and partners to help them run the business and take it forward. 

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Our service is discrete, professional, and sympathetic to your situation. We have many years’ experience of dealing with businesses suffering from financial problems and you can trust us to come up with an acceptable solution very quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We invest in businesses that are at least 3 years old and have gross sales of at least $400,000 where we believe we can add value. We invest in good operators that are committed to their business.

We invest in a variety of industries and do not look at just one sector. We get excited about monthly recurring revenue (MRR) businesses, manufacturing, ecomm and digital commerce, service businesses that are necessary in everyday life, and businesses that have a proprietary component to them such as a patent.

Like you, our time is valuable. That said, proper due-diligence is necessary for us. With your cooperation we can complete due-diligence and fund a business in as little as two weeks.