Are you a business owner experiencing a partnership dispute? Are your sales stagnant or declining? Do you need capital or are you looking to sell?

Lenders and Bankers, do you have defaulted loans on your balance sheet or anticipate them due to Covid-19? Are you looking for rescue capital to take out your loan or for business operations support?

If so, then we may be able to help.

We Solve Problems

  • When it comes to investing in businesses, buying defaulted loans, resolving partner business disputes, or court-appointed receiverships, Scott Yahraus & Associates team has the experience and bandwidth. We have the ability to provide an equity infusion into businesses; we buy into businesses. We purchase defaulted loans that financial institutions have made.
  • Our team can help your company solve problems so that you can rest easier.
  • With 18-years of experience, Scott Yahraus leads a team that is uniquely qualified to identify problems, find areas of opportunity, and move the company forward in a positive direction.
The Damage Done can be Repaired
The Damage Done can be Repaired

“Sometimes even the best businesses are faced with serious challenges, internally and externally. Our job is to overcome these challenges while working with management and lenders to fix the problems, and set a course for smooth sailing going forward and protecting the company from further damage.”
Scott Yahraus

Partnership Dispute

In San Francisco, we were brought in to settle a partnership dispute in a metal manufacturing company. What once was a great partnership turned sour, leading to one of the partners being frozen out, alienated and no longer being paid. We came in, stabilized the management, and made sure both partners were paid and had responsibilities and accountability. Over our 4 year involvement, sales rose from $2m to $9m annually. We concluded this case by a settlement that far exceeded both partners expectations.

Cannabis Dispensary

In 2016 in Arizona, we were brought into a dispensary with a partnership dispute. The dispensary was generating $30k in monthly gross sales at the time. We helped stabilize management, instituted accounting systems, established standard operating procedures, and developed many other improvements to give the partners the peace of mind that the business was being run correctly.  As of mid-2020, the dispensary is generating over $600k in monthly gross sales.

Beach Restaurant

Partners in a restaurant were fighting tooth and nail in Long Beach, CA. The assets of the partnership included the business, liquor license, and the real estate. Through careful and levelheaded negotiations, we were able to advise the partners how to maintain and run the business during their dispute. We helped guide them to divorcing their partnership whereby each party was happy with the outcome because they could now move on with their lives.

Elder Rescue

We were brought in to solve a dispute of elderly couple who lent money to another family to purchase a home. The family had the means to pay but wanted to take advantage and stopped paying on the loan, leaving the elderly couple in dire straits.  After repeated attempts to solve the issue amicably, we felt it in the best interest of all parties to sell the property, make the elder couple whole, and return any excess equity back to the borrowing family.

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