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We guide and support Trustees, Conservators, and business owners on assignments involving distressed or troubled businesses and/or real estate.

Are you managing an estate that needs a business sold and family members or business partners divorced? Are there troubled assets that need to be transitioned? Do you need help navigating the business operations? 

If so, then we may be able to help.

Gain from Our Experience

Turnaround Specialists and Business Advisors

We have been involved in turning around businesses in California, Nevada, and Arizona. A typical case for us is to be appointed as a board director and/or business consultant to help trustees & conservators or business owners, conflicted partners, or family members maximize the equity in their assets in one of two ways: (1) repositioning the business to be successful or (2) selling the business and/or real estate.

Unparalleled Experience

We have unparalleled experience guiding dozens of companies of all sizes to successful outcomes stemming from partnership disputes and internal strife.

Protecting Assets

We look to protect and preserve the company’s assets and create a game plan for moving forward.

Strategize Together

With 20 years of experience, we are uniquely qualified to identify problems, find areas of opportunity, and move the company forward positively, whether through a sale or repositioning.

Spiral Architecture

We Are Results Driven

$500+ Million

In real estate acquisitions and dispositions.

$100+ Million

In gross business sales under supervision 

115+ Saved

Business & partnership disputes saved in the last 8 years

“Sometimes even the best businesses are faced with serious challenges, internally and externally. My job is to overcome these challenges while working with trustees, fiduciaries, and business owners to fix the problems, and set a course for smooth sailing going forward to protect the company from further damage.” - Scott Yahraus

Scott Yahraus &

Scott Yahraus & Associates has handled many diverse assignments. We have been involved in receiverships, referee appointments, board of director positions, and business consulting. Our services are geared towards ameliorating business disputes and turning businesses around.


Are you struggling with a business partnership dispute?

You're not alone. Many partnerships find themselves in the same situation. Not only does your partnership suffer, but your business, finances, and customers can become collateral damage.

You have options. Click the button below to learn more and to download your free partnership dispute eBook.

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