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Meet The Disruptors: Scott Yahraus On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

Authority Magazine at interviewed Yahraus, a business leader who is shaking things up in his industry.


Auction of licensed California cannabis business brings in $8.25 million

The first sale of a cannabis license in the state of CA in receivership is managed by Scott Yahraus. The business assets of The Guild San Jose, were sold at auction for $8.25 million to San Diego-based Urbn Leaf. Scott Yahraus, a senior project manager at Receivership Specialists...

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Court-appointed receivers an option for troubled marijuana companies

Yahraus is quoted extensively in MJ Biz about cannabis receiverships and their function in cannabis partnership disputes.

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Two years in, California’s legal marijuana businesses struggle with financial woes as they battle illicit market

MJ Biz quotes Yahraus on the failing California cannabis marketplace.


Business & Real Estate Turn Around 110 Companies in 8 Years!

YouTube finance star Andrew Cartwright, interviews Scott Yahraus as the first guest for Cartwright's podcast launch. A wide ranging interview explores business, politics, and pop culture. This interview was recorded in October 2022.


Conquering the Top 5 Most Common Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs

Valiant CEO Magazine quotes Yahraus heavily on what it takes to find the right idea for your business. 

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Scott Yahraus is asked 5 important questions on EPN. Only 13 minutes to listen and you'll be glad you did.

1) What does every business partnership need?

2) Why can't you rely on the courts to solve your business partnership dispute?

3) Creating a start-up or buying an existing business. Which is better and why?

4) No matter what your social or educational background is, every business owner needs to have these two skills and it's not sales and marketing. What are they?

5) What are the business opportunities in 2023?  

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