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We guide and support trustees & fiduciaries on assignments involving distressed or troubled businesses and/or real estate.

We are a diverse bunch with talented and experienced thought leaders who have managed and sold dozens of businesses and different types of real estate. 

The cases that we are involved in span numerous industries and always exhibit beneficiaries who are stressed about the assets that they are poised to inherit and how to proceed or dispose of those assets. With stress comes anxiety. Individuals in stressful positions rarely make good business or economic decisions. We support and complement the trustee or fiduciary who is working with beneficiaries or the settlor during these trying times. We provide objectivity about the assets and assist the trustee or fiduciary in selling complex real estate or the family business with the goal of obtaining the most proceeds possible.  



After college, Scott began working in commercial real estate brokerage and then moved onto development. Within the next 8 years, he had built and sold two businesses. He later went on to purchase multi-family assets for a large entity and transacted dozens of properties. When he burned out and it was time to move on, the company had amassed 75,000 units nationwide. At that time he was approached to manage receivership cases at Receivership Specialists under his own flag. In the years that followed he has managed over 100 receivership and referee cases learning about different industries, property types, and personalities.

Today he continues to handle receiverships as well as work with trustees & fiduciaries in a leadership support capacity. He gets retained by trustees & fiduciaries and by small to medium sized businesses in the capacity as business consultant and/or board member ameliorate disputes and turn businesses around.

Based in Los Angeles, when not working, he spends time with my wife and four great children.

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We Are Results Driven

$500+ Million

In real estate acquisitions and dispositions.

$100+ Million

In gross business sales under supervision 

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Business & partnership disputes saved in the last 7 years