Testimonial from Miguel Pulido, Mayor of Santa Ana, California 1994-2020

San Francisco, California

“I had the pleasure to work with Scott Yahraus for over four and a half years on a receivership case where I was the plaintiff in a shareholder dispute case. During my tenure with Scott I can honestly say he provided to both parties and the business a laser-focus on protecting the business, leadership in structuring and advocating for settlement and a steadfast commitment to fairness and integrity.
Scott’s top priority was to protect the underlying asset: the business at the heart of the dispute. After carefully weighing all options for day-to-day operations, Scott put in place an equitable and effective management solution for the parties which allowed me to lead the day-to-day operations of the enterprise with my vision in place while supporting me with additional business resources. By bringing his background across various industries and cases to our case, Scott consistently added value to the business by resolving operational issues and identifying future growth areas. During Scott’s involvement, our adjusted revenues and earnings increased by nearly 2x.
Throughout the 4-1/2 years working with Scott, the most significant attribute that Scott brought to us was his integrity which infused our situation with objectivity, transparency, fairness and most critically trust. In our people business, I always trusted that Scott would make recommendations and decisions with the utmost integrity and fairness which provided the right, positive environment for the business to flourish and for settlement to be reached expeditiously.”

Testimonial from Pam Donner, CEO, Scottsdale, Arizona